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 M - N

 Master Cloud


 1 - BOOKS

 1 - Esoteric _ Metaphysical



 C. C. Zain

 Book 07 Spiritual Astrology

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 Computer Science


 Lynda - Create Excel Power Pivot and Power View_ Exercise Files


 02_04 Create The Pivot Tables and Charts for Customer KPI sheet Complete.xlsx
80 MB
 02_04 Create The Pivot Tables and Charts for Customer KPI sheet Start.xlsx
80 MB

 PluralSight - Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) using Spring AOP and AspectJ

 Exercise Files








 PluralSight - Understanding And Eliminating Technical Debt

 04. Communication

 03. Convincing the Team.mp4
3 MB
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 1. Treehouse Quick Tips

 49. Effective Customer Service

 Effective Customer Service.mp4
15 MB
 Build a Blog Reader Android App

 4. Adapting Data for Display in a List

 1. Finishing Our AsyncTask

 How to Write a Business Plan

 1. Business Plan Basics

 2. Business Model Basics & Customer Segments

 Soft Skills

 1. Important Skills For Professional Success

 5. Working with a Team

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 Building HTML5 and JavaScript Apps with MVVM and Knockout

 6. Custom Binding Handlers and Persisting Data

 09. Ajax, Service Abstraction, and jQuery Dialogs Demo.wmv
21 MB
 JavaScript Design Patterns

 4. Asynchronous Module Definitions

 05. Refactoring our product list.wmv
6 MB

 NHibernate Fundamentals

 1. Getting Started

 12. Demo - Defining a Customer.wmv
2 MB
 13. Demo - Mapping a Customer.wmv
5 MB

 SharePoint 2010 Basics

 1. SharePoint 2010 Basics

 05. SharePoint Audiences and Team Members.wmv
8 MB

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 Sales & Promos (A - L)

 Aim for Our Deals.eps
36 KB
 Customer Appreciation Day.eps
60 KB
 Join the Savings Team.eps
36 KB
 Sales & Promos (M - Z)

 Red Carpet Service.eps
41 KB
 Service is Our Motto.eps
36 KB
Kindle MC
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 Kindle MC

 Kindle A-C

 Ambrose, Starr

 Our Little Secret

 Brown, Sandra

 Sandra Brown - Tough
1 MB
 Tough Customer - A Novel

 Kindle D-H

 Fleming, Ian

 On Her Majesty's Secret Service

 Kindle R-Z

 Robinson, Jeremy

 Instinct a Chess Team Adventure



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 Pluralsight - PowerShell & DevOps Global Summit 2016 Sessions

 19.Nano Server and Remote Management

 1.Introduction - Customer Feedback and Our Server Journey.mp4
24 MB
 Introduction - Customer Feedback and Our Server
7 KB
 20.PowerShell Team - Present and Future with Kenneth Hansen

 27.PowerShell as a Service - Managing with Microsoft Operations Management Suite with Eamon O'Reilly

 4.Automation Service Overview.mp4
53 MB

 06 Understanding the Project Types

 0608 Creating a WCF
19 MB
 11 Working with Source Control

 1102 Setting up Team Foundation Server source
8 MB
 Exercise Files







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 Schema Objects






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